The Architects Reconstructing Crime Scenes No One Else Can [Artsy]

What is to be done when crimes are committed by the people who are supposed to mete out justice and ensure the security of their population?

This question guides the counterforensics work of Eyal Weizman and his multi-disciplinary team at Forensic Architecture. Their innovative practice is detailed in the book Forensic Architecture: Violence at the Threshold of Detectability. “While forensics is a state tool,” Weizman writes, “counterforensics, as we practice it, is a civil practice that aims to interrogate the built environment to uncover political violence undertaken by states.”

As director of Forensic Architecture, established in 2010, Weizman leads a group of artists, designers, architects, filmmakers, coders, journalists, lawyers, and scientists to investigate this violence.

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Published in Artsy, November 2017


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