Late to the Party

Most everyone authors his or her own life, to some extent. Arthur E. Teele, Jr. was a man that tried composing his with a hand steady and certain, despite those that objected or intruded. He came from a wealthy and privileged black family in Washington D.C, studied law at FAMU, fought in Vietnam, and returned a decorated soldier. He then litigated for a groundbreaking civil rights case and went on to get appointed by Ronald Reagan to the U.S. Department of Transportation. After that, he served as attorney for the founder of Nascar.


Sitting on a couch with a painted-on dinosaur print, I swilled some vodka graciously provided by David Rohn, an artist and writer, and Danilo De La Torre, a drag performer who goes by the name Adora. Their new house was in the midst of a move-in: boxes and scattered things signified the layered pace of flux.

[Published on Artlurker on October 8, 2013. Read the rest here.]

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