Israel Hernández: The Life Of A Local Artist Cut Short

Israel Hernández-Llach was an 18-year-old award-winning artist when he was chased by Miami Beach police officers and tasered for tagging a shuttered McDonald’s. He died soon after the electric probes delivered tens of thousands of volts into his chest.

The taser, a supposedly non-lethal tool of the police, has caused over 500 deaths since 2001 across the United States, according to Amnesty International. Hernandez’s tools of choice: paints, pens, cameras, and objects he found.

Frank O’Hare is an art teacher at Miami Beach Senior High School, where he taught Hernández during the teen’s sophomore, junior and senior years. The two formed a powerful bond – O’Hare immediately recognized Hernández’ talent and eagerness to learn, and Hernández realized that he had an insightful teacher who could help him develop his creative skills and thinking.
[Published on August 20, 2013 on WLRN. Read the rest here.]

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