We sat at a table outside a bar whose walls on the inside were layered with crappy, faux-punk ephemera. A tall, hatted man in grey mounted his motorcycle and kick started it, letting out a squall that turned all patrons’ swimming heads. He sat there solemnly, his eyes fixed on the bar’s entrance. “I feel that guy’s pain,” Nick started. “It sucks to be that guy when everybody’s looking at you.” This surprised me, you’d think most bikers would relish in this display? “Nah. It’s different when you’re cruising by. But waiting for someone like that and disturbing everyone and being super noticed for it, that’s some Freudian shit that’ll fuck with your head.

Nicholas Barry Klein was born in Lake Worth, Florida on September 22nd, 1987 and has lived in Miami since 2008. His work includes sculpture, painting, performance, sound, and combinations thereof. A New World School of the Arts dropout, Klein has worked as a studio assistant at the Fredric Snitzer Gallery and Locust Projects, had a solo show at Chris Miro gallery, and is currently one of 46 artists showing in Salon de Notre Societe, a group show at Primary Projects. The East-facing windows of his studio at the Wahab Construction building off Calle Ocho offer a view of the top halves of Brickell’s buildings and I-95. Presently he’s working on several paintings, music projects, and selling the majority of his possessions so that he can move to New York City. Over the course of several weeks, Klein and I spent time talking and exchanging emails and texts about the difficulty of working with explosives, space highways, and the ‘one thing you can’t not do.’

[Published on August 18, 2012 in Artlurker. Read the rest here.]

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